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The 57th GRAMMYs

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Fashion Week Sponsors


by Carol Cheng, Spring 2015 Marketing Student, Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University

In February, as a class, we had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. As we entered Lincoln Center, I noticed a variety of sponsors and how they set up booths outside the fashion show. Some of the popular sponsors at this year’s fashion week were: Mercedes-Benz, TRESemme, SK-II, Tide, Papyrus, and Pandora. When looking at all the sponsors, I was drawn to the Mercedes-Benz display.  Two brand new sports cars were put on display for attendees to see. This was the main sponsor and is the most well-known sponsor for this event.

Next, we stopped at the TRESemme booth where the brand ambassadors told us about their products. At Fashion Week, they were offering the chance for attendees to have their hair styled. Next, we went to the SK-II booth, where we learned about their skin products and its origins in Japan. We learned that the aging of skin can be prevented from a certain type of yeast that is found in rice. SK-II also showed us their unique product, in which they can scan a person’s face and tell them how old their skin looks.

Next, we visited the Papyrus booth where they explained their partnership with Fashion Week. They provided invitations and cards for the event. Next, we stopped at the Papyrus booth, where they told us about their social media approach. Fashion week attendees were able to take pictures to show off their outfits, and this could be emailed or printed out instantly. Lastly, we stopped at the Tide booth, where they told us about their products and how it is important to wash our clothes with good detergent. I enjoyed learning from the sponsors and how each product was at Fashion week for a reason.

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Technological Advances at Epson Digital Couture

by Michaelangelo Attardo, Spring 2015 Marketing Student, Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University

We are currently living in a time where technological advances are happening faster than ever. These advancements, when combined with the right minds, have lead to several innovations in various fields. Epson is a company that has a strong desire to exceed customer expectations and constantly finds new ways to utilize recent advances in their digital printers.

Epson, founded in 1942 by Hisao Yamazaki, is a Japanese electronics company and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printers, information-technology, and imaging related equipment. Originally beginning as a watch and timepiece manufacturer the Epson Company was chosen as an official time keeper for the 1964 Olympics. This position required a printing timer which led to Epson developing their first electronic printer. The company released a moderately successful printer in 1978 and after two years of development (1980) released a printer which began the best selling printer in America. The company officially took the name “The Epson Corporation” in 1982 and never looked back. In 1994 Epson released the first high resolution color inkjet printer and have been a leader in the digital printing market since.

Recently Epson along with Seventh House PR held a fashion show titled “digital couture”. Epson teamed up with designers from all over the Americas including: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador and the Caribbean in order to showcase their state-of-the-art dye sublimation printer, known as the SureColor F-Series. These printers allowed the designs to be printed directly on the fabric right there. The show was an exciting gathering of beautiful eye popping colors, vivid patterns, sharp blacks, and smooth blends on various types of clothing. What I found to be a unique touch was that the models remained stationary and the guests were the ones walking around similar to an art gallery.

These dye subliminal printers are the first models for Epson and are the first in the market in which every component of the printer is made by a single company. This allows Epson to market them at a more affordable rate to the consumer than competitors. These printers will allow fashion designers of all levels, especially aspiring ones that have limited financial means to bring their ideas to life on the spot at a quality that is hard to rival.

Epson and Seventh House PR put together a beautiful event that not only showcased one of the many benefits of modern technological advancements but also an exciting networking opportunity in a relaxed friendly environment.

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