Fashion Week Sponsors


by Carol Cheng, Spring 2015 Marketing Student, Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University

In February, as a class, we had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. As we entered Lincoln Center, I noticed a variety of sponsors and how they set up booths outside the fashion show. Some of the popular sponsors at this year’s fashion week were: Mercedes-Benz, TRESemme, SK-II, Tide, Papyrus, and Pandora. When looking at all the sponsors, I was drawn to the Mercedes-Benz display.  Two brand new sports cars were put on display for attendees to see. This was the main sponsor and is the most well-known sponsor for this event.

Next, we stopped at the TRESemme booth where the brand ambassadors told us about their products. At Fashion Week, they were offering the chance for attendees to have their hair styled. Next, we went to the SK-II booth, where we learned about their skin products and its origins in Japan. We learned that the aging of skin can be prevented from a certain type of yeast that is found in rice. SK-II also showed us their unique product, in which they can scan a person’s face and tell them how old their skin looks.

Next, we visited the Papyrus booth where they explained their partnership with Fashion Week. They provided invitations and cards for the event. Next, we stopped at the Papyrus booth, where they told us about their social media approach. Fashion week attendees were able to take pictures to show off their outfits, and this could be emailed or printed out instantly. Lastly, we stopped at the Tide booth, where they told us about their products and how it is important to wash our clothes with good detergent. I enjoyed learning from the sponsors and how each product was at Fashion week for a reason.

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