Students Talk About The Art Institutes’ Designers at NYFW

By Natalie Look, Event Marketing Student, Fall 2015

The built up excitement and anticipation was already in full swing when we arrived Skylight at Moynihan Station.The opportunity to attend Fashion Week was both thrilling and insightful. As a class, we witnessed 12 up-and-coming designers from The Art Institutes as they showcased their creativity through the pieces they created.

The first designer, was Kiki Terrels whose collection, “Ironclad”, took inspiration from Medieval armor and was mixed with modern functionality and sprinkled with pieces of paisley, leather and sheet metal. The most stand-out part of the looks were definitely the masks.

Another designer that caught my eye was Deron Shields, with his collection, “Concrete Rose”. His pieces were a gorgeous culmination of white, pink and gray that brightened up the dark runway room.

A crowd-favorite seemed to be Ebony Taylor, whose collection, “End Game”, featured swim and après swim collection had the crowd cheering the models on. This collection featured swim wear mixed with elegant, draping fabrics that made going from poolside to evening look effortless.

One of my personal favorites came from designer Lavan Chxiedze with his collection, “Love Letters from Berlin”. His collection was inspired by Berlin in the 1920s and 1940s when the gay population was facing many hardships. I enjoyed this collection so much because when the male models first started walking out, you notice that the pieces they are wearing are combined with what is typically viewed as women’s clothing such as dresses. At first, I thought it was a little strange but watching the models go by, I realized that maybe the designer was trying break the boundaries of what men and women can and cannot wear. So even though I was confused as to what his pieces were supposed to be, I like that it invoked feeling of curiosity and it helped me think further than the constructs of gender-appropriate clothing.

While we weren’t able to get a chance to meet the sponsors of the show, I was able to figure out who a few of them were just from observation. I noticed there were a lot of sponsors that work together to bring the show together. Outside of the venue, I saw a lot of Lexus cars labeled for New York Fashion Week and inside of the venue, I noticed the Tresemme station where the models probably got their hair done. It’s interesting to see that companies are willing to collaborate and sponsor the designers on their own costs because it provides a platform for their own company’s products to be showcased. In turn, they hope it will increase their brand awareness and show people that they support fun, trendy things like New York Fashion Week and somehow try to establish common ground with their consumers.

Going to Fashion Week together as a class was a great experience. It provided a new experience for all of us and I think it was a great way to get to know my classmates better. This was unlike anything I’ve done for a course before and I look forward to our future events.

By Diandra Ramsammy, Event Marketing Student, Fall 2015

On September 15, 2015, our Event Marketing class had the opportunity to attend The Art Institutes New York Fashion Week runway show, which was held at the Skylight at Moynihan Station at around 7:00 pm. 12 Art Institute Designers demonstrated and exposed their passions, talents, and hard work through the presentation of their Spring 2016 collections. Each designer, with his or her unique styles, was able to a deliver a well-organized, seamlessly structured event. The collections exhibited trends such as layers, draping, delicate detailing, ruffles, etc. Ebony Taylor, with her chic, elegant, yet simple swimwear line demonstrated these very trends. Her collection was one of my favorites! Deon Shields’ collection also stood out to me. Her white trapeze ruffle dress was my next favorite, it was perfect for the spring; simple, trendy, totally something I would wear.

It was very inspiring to see these designers’ dreams unfold right before us. What was once a goal for them was at that moment becoming a reality. It is an amazing accomplishment to be able to showcase your very own designs during NYFW, and that is exactly what they did. Seeing the reactions of the designers at the end of the show was to me an unforgettable moment. Their excitement and happiness was visibly exuded. It motivated me to achieve my own goals and assured me that anything is possible if you are passionate and ambitious enough. Due to my keen interest in the fashion industry, attending NYFW was a very exhilarating and memorable opportunity and I hope to be able to experience simliar events in the near future.

By Jennifer Carullo, Event Marketing Student, Fall 2015

As a young aspiring marketing major, I’ve always wished I would have the opportunity to take part on NYFW. For me, it was new it was different and it was inspiring. 12 lucky designers had their individual dreams come true when their designs were featured last week on the runway. Growing up, we all have aspirations, and our big moments to shine, and finally this was theirs. Their talent, hard work and determination were shown through their beautiful Spring 2016 Collections. Each of their designs shared a specific part of their taste, their style and their uniqueness and their passion and motivation truly shined through.

Each designer stood out in there own way. The show started out with the designs of Kiki Terrels, and he sure came out strong, with models displaying his looks influenced by a medieval armor. A design you normally wouldn’t see off the runway, which is what New York Fashion Week is all about. I vividly remember this set because of how different it was, and I’m sure it stood out to the rest of the audience as it did to me. Another designer, Ebony Taylor showed off her looks that could effortlessly be worn anytime from by the poolside or as eveningwear. A truly elegant idea and design that really showed off her talents and visions. I found designer number 9, Deron Shields designs to be very similar to Ebony Taylors, and before knowing differently thought it was the same designer! They both have designed an elegant poolside look that is dressed up with class. Deron Shields differs in that he added pops of hot pink, which made his collection differentiate and his own.

Every designer and outfit displayed and walked up and down the runway was truly showed off beautifully. Both the current students of the Art Institute and recent graduates represented their selves and their skills with such success. The opportunity to have the chance to experience something so powerful and moving on the runway was an honor. Not only the models and designers, but also the makeup and hair sponsors’ hard work really paid off.By

Daniel Garcia, Event Marketing Student, Fall 2015

The Art Institutes Fashion Week event on September 15 showcased 12 different student and alumni designers at the old post office on West 33rd.

The event had many people and photographers present, alongside family and friends of the designers. It was live streamed online so that even those who were not present were able to see the event.

The starting designer was Kiki Terrels with his “Ironclad” collection which showcased bold clothing mixed with paisley and leather blocks. The collection was a great way to start the event as his pieces were definitely stunning and the metalic headpieces the models wore created a a great aesthetic.

Other great designers showcased were Yurie Lim and Ebony Taylor. Lim’s designs combined classical Japanese kimonos with urban streetwear and really showed off his taste in clothing and color. Taylor’s “End Game” collection was definitely a show stealer as her swimwear was very elegant and beautiful to see.

The designers all walked down the runway with a model wearing their designs and you could see how their personal tastes affected the clothes they created. It was a very great event to witness to see the hard work and dedication pay off for the designers.

Diandra Ramsammy, Event Marketing Student, Fall 2015

It is every fashion designer’s dream to have his or her creations shown at New York Fashion Week. On September 15, 2015, twelve lucky students at The Art Institute were given the opportunity to do so. After months and months of hard work and preparation, the night was finally here where they would be able to show their talents for everyone to see. As a student of Dr. Mohr’s Event Marketing Class, we were able to see for ourselves what these designers had to offer.

I arrived at the Skylight at Moynihan Station filled with excitement about the show I was about to see. I had never been to New York Fashion Week before so I didn’t know what to expect. All of the guests were lined up outside before the show began. I was able to see numerous amounts of photographers on the street, people rushing in and out of the backstage entrance, and the fashionable outfits that the guests were wearing. Once we were taken inside, were able to get a glimpse of the sponsor’s booths, however we were not able to visit them.

The show started off with Kiki Terrels’ “Ironclad” collection for Spring 2016. His medieval armor mixed with modern elements was a really great way to start the show. The headpieces were the most intriguing and were absolutely stunning. The crowd favorite was definitely Ebony Taylor. Her collection “Endgame” simply stole the show. Her swimsuit and après collection gave off so much elegance. Not only did they look like they could be worn poolside, but they also looked like they could be worn to a formal event. One of my other favorites was Eric Jernigan’s collection, “Beauteous Eruption”. His collection was a mix of elegance, fantasy, and edge. All of his pieces were grey with hot pink piping.

The Art Institute Spring 2016 Show at New York Fashion Week was definitely a great experience for both the designers as well as the guests. The twelve designers proved that they have the ability to do what some of the best in the industry do. Their talents definitely did not go unnoticed and I am sure this wont be the last we hear for some of these students. As for me, I had a wonderful time at the show, and will definitely be back for some more in the future.

By Jessica Williams, Event Marketing Student, Fall 2015

In almost everyone’s lifetime you are given that once chance to shine. Whether it was your school play, awards assembly, an acceptance speech, or that first interview for that first dream job. The Art Institute of New York City allows 12 privileged students to showcase their talent during a runway show. This is an ideal moment to shine, for aspiring fashion designer’s who attend The Art Institute. This show takes place during New York’s Fashion Week. In which, it is possible for potential business opportunity’s to arise. Based on the quality of the work presented and whom maybe in he audience witnessing the show, the possibilities are endless.

With that said almost a week ago, I was given the chance to witness 12 talented designer’s, moment to shine during New York’s Fashion Week. Each designer rose to the occasion, presenting their Spring 16 collections during The Art Institute of New York, City’s Runway Show. As guest awaited entry to the venue the line grew with anticipation of each collection. Each of the unique collections displayed the creativity of each designer. Of the twelve designers however, Melissa D. Gonzalez’s very modern collection, Ebony Taylor’s elegant swimwear, and

Nathaly E. Meristil’s organic yet modern collection stole the show. Of the three most memorable designers’ mentioned Melissa D. Gonzalez in my opinion took best in show. She was the only designer to feature handbags in her collection grabbing the attention of many. Her collection was futuristic yet modern. She also featured pieces that could realistically be seen on the streets of NYC’s fashionista’s.

Once again The Art Institute of New York City has given upcoming designers a platform to showcase their talent. With the show being a complete success it was evident that after rising to this occasion. These 12 designers’ should propel into their careers and continue striving towards their goals and dreams.

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