Can Super Bowl Do Better?

by Edwin Negron Arguelles, Spring 2015 Marketing Student, Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University

The Super Bowl is one the most anticipated sporting events around the globe.  Every year, sport fans gather together and dedicate time to this event.  No doubt, sport enthusiasts are excited, but marketers await the great opportunities this event creates.  The Super Bowl is also known for its creative advertisements and marketing campaigns; since, it is a great opportunity for companies to expose brands to a worldwide audience that is glued to the screen.  People always wonder why companies spend so much money on advertisements and commercials for just 30 seconds of airtime.  In reality, 30 seconds is more than enough to impact a person’s thought process and create certain type of connection with the ad. This year the Super Bowl was filled with interesting and unique marketing campaigns.  However, I feel that some marketing efforts by big brand names can still be improved significantly.  For instance, one ad I thought could have been better was Coca-Cola’s.  Their approach was visual. Even though the graphic animations were spectacular, Coca-Cola failed to convey a message or generate a message that correlates with the company’s products or mission.  It was more of an advertisement to remind consumers of Coca-Cola rather than creating value between the product and the customer.  Subsequently, there were some positive things that I took from analyzing the commercials.  One can see that now companies are using a more futuristic approach towards their campaigns.  Since technology is something that keeps obtaining power, it becomes a way to attract the consumer’s attention.  Moreover, one can also see how marketing teams try to create a connection between the advertisements and the consumer.  Commercials usually have a plot, which includes a real life scenario. Consumers take that plot and internalize it. At that point, the consumer made a connection with your commercial and feels the urge to pay attention.  Immediately, this adds value, which is the marketer’s goal at the end of the day.  Now watching and closely examining these commercials, I now begin understanding the whole marketing schematics behind it.  Before Super Bowl ads were something I looked forward to for a good laugh and even entertainment.  Now it is something that I have come to realize that is much greater, and requires a deep thought process in order to be applied correctly.

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