Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sponsors Come to Life at Lincoln Center

 by Madeline Ringuette, Spring 2015 Marketing Student, Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University

As you enter Lincoln Center for 2015’s Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, you are greeted by a variety of sponsors – some you might be familiar with, while others not so much. This year’s sponsors included Mercedes Benz (of course), TRESemme, Tide, Papyrus, SK-II, and Pandora. When I first stepped inside Lincoln Center, the first (and most lit up) thing I saw was the giant Mercedes Benz logo along with two of their top of the line sports cars situated underneath it. I guess it’s a given that the title car company would be the most eye-catching sponsor in the room, along with the association between high-end cars and high-end fashion, but what about the other sponsors?

The first sponsor the class visited was TRESemme, which is an American brand of hair and salon products. They used their sponsorship to promote their new product lines by offering to style attendees’ hair to achieve a runway look. The next sponsor was SK-II, which is a Japanese headquartered line or cosmetics and beauty products. Their products were born out of the realization that skin aging can be prevented by a type of yeast from rice during the fermentation process of sake. SK-II had this really neat technology that allowed them to take a picture of your face and determine how old your skin really is in years along with other characteristics like texture, firmness, etc. I got the chance to do it and it turns out my skin is only 14 years old! (Although, I’m not sure how much younger my skin will stay with summer beach days coming up.) Even though I walked into Lincoln Center having no idea what SK-II was, they were one of the most memorable for me because of how informative and interactive the experience was.

Papyrus was the third sponsor the class visited. They took a clever approach on making greeting cards tie in with fashion. Their brand ambassadors gave out “fashion” themed greeting cards that you could either keep or fill out on the spot in which they would then send to whoever you’d like, free of charge. Next to Papyrus was Pandora, the jewelry company. Instead of putting all the focus on their products, they took a really cool social media approach. Attendees were allowed to take photos showing off their outfit of the day that could be printed out on the spot or sent via email. Our class took one as a group as well! Last but not least was Tide. I was really surprised to see a laundry detergent company at Fashion Week, but it almost made complete sense at the same time. They made their occupied space very welcoming with bright colors and also provided outlets for people to charge their phones. Overall, I had no idea what to expect entering Lincoln Center, but I walked away realizing that creativity plays a larger role than what us consumers actually realize.

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