Super bowl 2015

by Cavin Gayle, Spring 2015 Marketing Student, Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University

The super bowl is Americas biggest television event and everyone has high expectations for the game and for the commercials. This year I watched the game at a friends house. We had all the super bowl neccesities from nachos to buffalo wings to ice cold beer. I also realized that the Super Bowl has become more of a social event than a sporting event. Most of my while the game was on was spent eating and joking around with my friends that I havent seen in a while. The Super Bowl is becoming less about the game and more about the advertising and the money that can be made from different things associated with it.

The super bowl came down to the Seahawks last offensive play when, with second down on the yard line, less than 30 seconds on the clock, a timeout available and a running back who is known as “Beast Mode” they decided to throw the ball which then got intercepted. This play costed the Seahwask the game and undoubtedly crowned the New England Patriots as the Super bowl champs. The game kept everyone on the edge of their seats until the very end. Almost as important as the super bowl game itself is the Super Bowl commercials. These are supposed to be some of the best television commercials all year. Last year everyone focused on ads with American symbolism. The ads for this years super bowl commericials had much more of a cinematic feel to them. The commercial were much more dramatic and evoked more emotions from veiwers.

Overall this years Super Bowl game itself was extremely exciting and kind of dissapointing in the final few seconds. The commercials were a little bit more lack luster than usual and the halftime show wasnt the best. However the wings and chips were amazing and thats all that matters.

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