Beck’s Grammy Acceptance Speech


The Grammy’s is easily considered by many as the most important night in the entertainment industry, This year all the elites came together once again at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to celebrate the previous year’s musical accomplishments. Besides just being a major night for those involved in the entertainment industry, the Grammy’s are important for everybody else; for CBS (the television channel that airs them), the other shows that air on the channel, the musicians, the labels, and of course the advertisers and the brands. Why? Because over 25 million viewers tune in, making it the perfect opportunity for endless exposure.

During the Grammy’s all brands ranging from Secret Deodorant to Denny’s Diners used social media in different ways in order to engage the consumers through real time marketing using the hashtag #grammys on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. According to Facebook, about 17 million people worldwide mentioned the event leading to almost 45 million interactions and on Twitter said there were 20.9 million tweets globally during the broad casting period.

While traditional advertisement and branding is always standard I noticed an unorthodox advertising scheme at this year’s ceremony. This year Kanye West stormed on stage during Beck’s acceptance speech as though he was going to interrupt the speech. This disturbance quickly began trending all over the Internet, and became the most talked about event of the night, overshadowing all the other aspects of the ceremony. This stunt made Kanye West and Beck the most relevant people of the night. In fact this made everyone know who Beck is and even listen to his music. The following week Kanye West continued his momentum from the Grammy’s and released a sneaker and a clothing line through Adidas. I found this to be the perfect reflection of the power of the Grammy’s from a marketing perspective.

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