Amoeba Culture: The First Tour (Korean Hiphop)

by Samuel Choi, Spring 2015 Marketing Student, Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University

Over the years Korean pop, also known as K-pop, has been an industry where its gained international popularity all over the world. From number one girl group Girls’ Generation to the creator of the famous Gangnam Style dance, Psy, K-pop has been an influence and made its presence in the music industry. On the 28th of March, I had an opportunity to attend Music Enkor’s very own Amoeba Culture: The First Chapter Tour at Terminal 5. These high energy filled artists included singer Crush, rappers Dynamic Duo and Zion.T with special guest Primary.

From fans all over the states from Boston to Los Angeles, the event was a sold out event, filled with not only fans that were Korean but from all different back grounds. It was such a beautiful scene to see a diverse crowd who was into the Korean Hip-Hop Scene. There were lines formed for the VIPS, to early registration and general admission, wrapping around the building venue with at least a few hundred people before the show. The VIP ticket holders were guaranteed a free snapback hat, early entry as well as a chance to win an autograph signed poster.

Tour merchandises designed by Profound Aesthetic were sold at limited quantity before the show and was sold out by the end of the show. As I helped out the Profound team with sales of the tour merchandise, it was surprising to see some of the fans with tour merchandise already on. Waiting on line for 2 hours before the show, the fans’ dedication was truly displayed.

As this was Amoeba Culture’s first tour in the states, the event was a significant moment for these artists, who for majority of them, came to New York for the first time. Glowsticks were distributed to the crowd and the artists executed just as I expected them to, providing an interactive fun-filled environment. At the end of the show, for the VIPS who received a snapback, some of them had duct tape taped on under the brim which indicated a raffle winner for the autographed posters.

Overall I was very impressed with the turnout of the concert. Majority of its marketing were via social media platforms (i.e. Instagram and Facebook) as well Korean music blogs. I really liked the raffle idea in how some VIPs were able to receive a signed poster as well as the idea of distributing free snapbacks to them. All the sponsors benefited out of the event as their logos were placed all over the venue, including the company I intern for, Profound Aesthetic.

I want to give a special shout out to Dave Wu for giving me the opportunity to help out at the venue and have an awesome time. From the fog machines, lights to the performances, the energy at this event was indescribable. Make sure you attend a K-pop or Korean Hip-Hop concert next time! You will not regret it!

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